Travels with the Winnie: Day 40

Leaving Alice Springs

We woke up to uniformly grey sky this morning, together with a very light misty rain. I thought of the desert plants drinking this up. I thought Central Australia only

I just downloaded a movie for us to watch in the coming days when we won’t have TV. It took about 3 minutes for a 1.4gig movie in standard definition. I am definitely going to be harrassing iinet when we get home about their download cap of 100mbts.

We have filled up with water and plan to free camp for a least the first night on the road. Before leaving we are going to the Araluen Centre across the road from our caravan park to visit the galleries. We have possible overnight places at 30kms from town and 89kms, so depending on how long we spend at the Centre, we have an easy drive from here.

There is so much more we could be doing in this local area. It’s a little frustrating to have learned so much about the local birdlife yesterday and not be able to explore more around Alice. However, there is also the urge to move on.

Going home via Queensland is still something we are seriously considering. We will either go up to Katherine and turn west towards Kununurra, or turn east at Tennant Creek. It is very tempting to go with the cooler weather and more towns and villages on the way.

We have packing up for travel down to a fine art, with occasional glitches, like leaving a window slightly open. I like it that we have to tidy up every day, we can get very messy if we don’t have to move the Winnie. We have better systems for putting things away and that is certainly making life easier.

There may be gaps now in posting to this blog as we don’t know when we will next have a Telstra signal.

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