Travels with the Winnie: Day 39

Alice Springs Desert Park

Alice Springs Desert Park (1 of 1)

This morning we picked up the camera, went to the pharmacy and did some shopping in Coles in preparation for leaving. Stephen had a good session with the podiatrist and feels it has been helpful. He had some pressure socks to wear and exercises to help with loss of flesh on the bottom of his foot which has lead to the pain.

Then we went to the Alice springs Desert Park. There were animals in fenced enclosures and a variety of plants and environments to see. Two of the staff were indigenous and they were very likable and knowledgeable.

There were wildflowers, including the Sturt Pea.

Alice Springs Desert Park - sturt pea2 (1 of 1)
Sturt Pea

A highlight of our visit was the presentation on local birds. The birds appeared as if by magic, interacting with the presenters, mainly the man in the featured image, but also a woman working with a raptor. I was rapt, but Stephen asked how he managed to bring each bird in on cue. They are in cages, and though flying free for the presentation, they return to cages and the presenter works with them to ensure that they feel comfortable being with him, and also with the crowds who come to the presentation. He was able to take the birds close to different sections of the ampitheatre, so that we were actually quite close to them. We had lots of young people, including older school children, in the audience.

Alice Springs Desert Park - desert sands (1 of 1)
Desert Sands environment
Alice Springs Desert Park - boobook2 (1 of 1)
Alice Springs Desert Park - barn owl in flight closer (1 of 1)
Barn Owl, showing her heart-shaped face
Alice Springs Desert Park - the relationship2 (1 of 1)
Alice Springs Desert Park - another bird better (1 of 1)
We saw this bird yesterday at the distance – nice to see it closer
Alice Springs Desert Park - Mt Gillen (1 of 1)
The Park was close to the MacDonnel Ranges, looking towards Mt Gillen

We came home and put a meal into the electric pressure cooker. There will be enough for tonight and for several days to come. It smells great, so I will stop writing to have our meal.

It’s been a cloudy day with light sprinkles of rain here and there, and quite cold again this evening.

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