Travels with the Winnie: Day 38

Hermannsburg to Alice Springs via Simpson’s Gap

We had quite a good night feeling a bit spooked by our strange location in a locked compound. We woke at 5.30 a.m. to the sound of very light rain drops and the smell of ozone. I quickly closed the hatches, but we didn’t need to close the windows as it stopped quite soon. A little later there was a slightly heavier shower which lasted for about 20 minutes. Just the sort of thing that settles the dust on a vehicle!

At dawn the clouds lit up in a display that lasted for about 15 minutes. I was enjoying my cup of tea, but still jumped outside for a couple of photos.

Hermannsburg Dawn

The day continued to be partly cloudy as we drove back towards Alice Springs. The scenery was still quite spectacular. Stephen had been doing his research and suggested we call in at Simpson’s Gap for lunch. There was a short path through to the Gap. On the way we met up with Cathy who is travelling in a campervan and admires our Winnie. She is planning to travel full time for a couple of years and wants to have a bit more space. We first connected with her at Uluru during the sunset ritual.

We saw some rock wallabies, but only in the distance and my camera could not pick them up. I’m missing my good camera.

the Gap
Simpsons Gap 2 (1 of 1)
the Gap 2
Simpsons Gap 3 (1 of 1)
the river bed
Simpsons Gap 4 (1 of 1)
some rock formations
Stephen at the Gap
me at the Gap

Stephen has managed to get an earlier appointment at the podiatrist, tomorrow at 11.40 a.m. I rang up about my camera, but it was not due at the shop until later today, so I said I will pick it up in the morning, which suited them.

Stephen rang Tourist Information at Alice Springs last night to see if we could get a night at a caravan park. He was successful, and when we arrived we were able to book two nights. We are located about 2 kms from the centre of town and opposite the Araluen Arts Centre. Stephen has already been there, but the galleries were closed and we plan to go together tomorrow afternoon. We plan to get our shopping done, pick up my camera, and go to his appointment in the morning.

This is decision time about the next few weeks of travel. I mentioned to Stephen that on another trip I would be interested in travelling more of the eastern states, and even up into Queensland. He is now contemplating turning East rather than West at Katherine, so that we would travel across into Queensland, visit a cousin in law, and then visit small towns, travelling across to Port Augusta and across the Nullabour. This is partly because as the days have been warmer here he has realised that maybe it is more comfortable to travel in cooler weather, even if we encounter rain. Of course, we would still experience some warmer weather going up to Katherine.



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