Travels with the Winnie: Day 85

Streaky Bay – a day of sunshine

We woke up to sunshine this morning. I switched off the alarm last night and we slept in until 7.00 a.m. It was clearly the right day to have a rest and enjoy our surroundings. We read our books, went for walks and explored our caravan park, wondering at the attention to detail and, basically, how much it must have cost to set it up. There are no solar panels, unfortunately, though the airconditioning provided in the buildings is evaporative, which would save on electricity and probably works well enough in summer here.

There has been major investment in the water management. They have their own desalination system and waste water recycling for reticulating all the new trees and bushes. In a few years the caravan sites will have some shade and privacy, hopefully without interrupting the views to the ocean.

desalinated and waste water systems (1 of 1)
As well as the five tanks visible in this photo there are several tanks at ground level, which I think must store the waste water
beach flower (1 of 1).jpg
we found this flower at the beach
enjoying the sun (1 of 1)
and these ones on our walk earlier in the day
red capped wanderer at Streaky Bay (1 of 1)
the Red Capped Wanderer on a late afternoon walk along the beach
the bay (1 of 1)
the bay is very protected from the open sea, with small waves

We had pancakes for breakfast this morning, our usual cheese sandwiches and fruit for lunch, and leftovers for tea with some lovely fresh bread from Ceduna. The Ceduna bakery delivers the bread to the caravan park, whereas the Streaky Bay Bakery doesn’t deliver, so that is why it comes from 100 kms away.

We often use our own bathroom for having washes when we are travelling, but we can’t resist the beautiful facilities here at the park, so have been going out for our showers. The walks to and from are very chilly. Although it was sunny today the overnight temperature was about 6 degrees and I think it got to about 22 degrees during today.

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