Travels with the Winnie: Day 86

Streaky Bay to Penong

It was cloudy this morning at Streaky Bay, so not as difficult to leave as it might have been. We enjoyed the beautiful amenities one more time, I even did another load of washing in the splendid laundry.

We stopped at Ceduna for lunch, shopping and refuelling the Winnie. Ceduna has a very good Foodland store, which is fortunately open on Sundays. We had our lunch on the foreshore. This is a last opportunity to shop at a big supermarket before the gap until we reach Norseman. We decided to buy ingrediants to do a pressure cooker meal, lots of vegetables and chorizo sausages. It has worked out reasonably well, but I put too much water in and it has turned into a soup rather than stew.

It was around 3.00 before we left Ceduna and we aimed for the caravan park at Penong because we would need electricity and internet – it’s Sunday – time to talk with Matthew.

There were wildflowers on the way. We don’t know the name of the flower in the featured image, but it is very interesting in a closeup (taken with my iPhone).

embraceable SA litter bins (1 of 1)
you know when you are in SA when you see these cuddly litter bins
windmill museum (1 of 1)
We don’t remember this Windmill Museum just opposite the caravan park
Penong Caravan Park (1 of 1).jpg
The caravan park also features a windmill.

This caravan park isn’t fancy looking, but the facilities are very clean and two years ago I was amazed by the new front loading washing machines. They look just the same as the ones at our very upmarket Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park. Well done Penong Caravan Park for putting effort into good facilities.

As it was low season at the beach in Streaky Bay we only paid $30 a night there. It is $27 a night here at Penong. Apart from being able to cook enough food to last for a few nights and talking to Matt on Facetime, we were glad to be able to use our air conditioner on the fan only setting to bring cool air into the van. Rain is threatening, but not happening, and we found it quite oppressive until after sunset when the temperature has gone down quite a lot.

We hope to have a good night’s sleep and make it to Head of Bight for tomorrow night. We can free camp there, then check on whether the whales are running the next morning. Nullabour Roadhouse is fairly close to Head of Bight and I’ve read on Wikicamps that we can fill our water tank there – we have to pay for the water, but it’s not very expensive.

I was using Geowiki  exclusively for the first weeks of our trip, but I find Wikicamps is much better for giving information on where we can free camp and where we can get water. We don’t mind paying for the water – it’s still inexpensive compared with buying water in supermarkets.

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