Crossing the border

Today we walked up North Hill about halfway, shared a roast meal, followed by sponge with jam and cream, then drove from the Malvern Hills to a little place called Brilley in Wales. We paid one pound at the border crossing.

North Hill, The Malverns

Tonight and tomorrow night we have a cottage all to ourselves with kitchen and living downstairs and bedroom and bathroom upstairs. We are on a little hobby farm with dogs, chickens, geese and horses.

Tomorrow we plan to explore the Wye valley. I drove through here on my own about 32 years ago.

I’m very tired and will write again tomorrow.


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    • I’ve posted a few photos. Not only is the cottage very nice, she supplied bacon, eggs, milk, bread and butter for our breakfasts, as well a cereal. There is a bowl of fruit and even a pack of maltesers. This host knows how to do a B&B! We have to do our own cooking, but the kitchen has a normal stove and oven and we don’t mind a bit. In fact, we are going to have bacon and eggs for tea tonight, we just had our normal cereal, toast and fruit this morning.

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