Sunny morning in Brilley

We are having a lazy morning. It started out being misty, but it has cleared quite a lot and we now have sunshine. We slept in until about 8.00 a.m. We have been moving each day since Sunday and this is the first time we have had two nights in one place. Our plan today is to visit Hay on Wye, and also plan the rest of our little trip in the car.

Cottage at Brilley - 1
Our cottage. It is an annex to the main house.
Cottage at Brilley2 - 1
Living room
Cottage at Brilley3 - 1
Fully equipped kitchen. The fridge and dishwasher are behind cupboard doors
Cottage at Brilley5 - 1
The bedroom has a skylight at either end, plus a window. We pulled the blinds on the skylights to sleep as it gets light so early.
Cottage at Brilley6 - 1
Our cottage is the section with the lower roof and single skylight. We are next to the shed.
Cottage at Brilley7 - 1
View down the driveway this sunny morning.
Cottage at Brilley8 - 1
View across the fields.
Cottage at Brilley9 - 1
View from our upstairs window yesterday evening.

I’ve made a slideshow of our climb yesterday, but our internet is too slow and it was taking forever to upload. I’ll try again when we have faster internet.




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  1. Good to catch up on your movements. And see u r making the most of your time away. Denmark great. Our singing aside!!!
    Your not missing any good weather. Winter has no struck with a vengeance!!

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