South Bank and Covent Garden

We arrived home feeling tired last night to a broken lift and nine flights of stairs, 10 if you count going up to the upper level of our apartment. We are staying home for the morning and hope that by the time we go out this afternoon the lift will have been repaired.

Stephen’s research found that there are plays at the National Theatre for fifteen pounds a seat, relatively cheap. We went to see a play called ‘Translations’ yesterday afternoon. It was interesting to wander around the South Bank on a fine, partly cloudy day. We found the play well acted and the story line at times obscure – fortunately I had paid four pounds for the comprehensive program. The play was set in Ireland slightly before the potato famine when an attempt was being made to update Irish placenames. There were a couple of actors we have seen on TV or in films which was also interesting for us, although all of the cast were good.

Interior of National Theatre - 1

We had a hot drink afterwards, then took a bus to Covent Garden.

Covent Garden - 1 (1)

We were in time for an opera singer busking near one of the restaurants.

We accidentally caught a slow train home. It seemed to wander quite far away before eventually getting to East Croydon. We are used to getting an express with East Croydon as the first stop. Stephen read the paper and I read my book to pass the time.

When we arrived at the station we split up, with me going directly home by tram to put our dinner on and Stephen heading to the local Sainsbury for bread and wine. After enjoying a tiny bottle of Mateuse Rose the other evening we have been looking forward to another glass with our meal. He wasn’t able to get the Mateuse and we settled for a fruit rose – a bit sweeter and a bit less alcoholic. We only have about a half a small glass each.

It was when we arrived home that we discovered that the lift wasn’t working and we had to climb the stairs. We had 7 flights when we were in China, so this is further to climb.

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  1. Oh dear. Our lifts have been broken here too although only one flight!!
    I remember estate agents telling me to be on the ground floor. I now know why!! My car and back door on ground floor thank goodness.
    You must’ve early ready to turn your heads home. Which date?
    My nose is dribbling so staying home fromchoirfor thirdweek in a row. Waning commitment as u can here!!

  2. We only have about two weeks left. The last week we will clean up here on Thursday, then go to stay at a hotel near the airport for Friday night as we have a reasonably early flight on Saturday 30th. Thank goodness we’ve been well after getting over our colds.

    Raelene has put the cat amongst the pigeons as her email left it unclear if she would be here for the three or four commitments to the end of the year and it would be too much to expect a new conductor (if we had one) to learn our repertoire in time. There will be a committee meeting when we get back to work out what to do.

    It makes me wish we had finished off last year. Raelene causes enough stress just on her own as she is so unpredictable, although I would certainly miss other aspects of the choir if it folded.

    We are having oddly similar weather to Perth, warmer nights and less rain than you, but similar daytime temperatures, so we shouldn’t have to make too much of an adjustment when we get back. I’m sorry to hear about the nose – I guess that means not getting to the SJOG choir either. They seem to be steaming away – despite Laurie’s death, which I gather people knew could happen.

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