On Sunday we took the car back, no problems, and we will be refund the 200 pounds deposit. It was still tricky driving in traffic and we got beeped one last time, just in case we were missing it! We caught the bus back and did some shopping. We finally found the exit that takes us to the tram stop from inside the Whitgift shopping centre under the busy road.

Yesterday I did a lot of washing, catching up with towells and linen. In the afternoon we walked downtown and Stephen went to the library, then joined me at Neros for afternoon tea. It was a pleasant, sunny day, a bit too warm in the sun even at 3.00ish.

sunny day

It is grey today, with temperatures 12-18 degrees. At 2.20 p.m. it’s about 17 degrees. When I check Vic Park weather the nights are a bit colder, but daytime temperatures about the same for this week. Odd!

Today we are visiting Wimbledon where there are tours of the grounds and courts, plus a museum, shop and cafe. I’ve been looking for something to take home for Matt, and found a nice sports jacket. The young people we’ve seen wearing them look pretty snazzy. I think Matt will as well.

Stephen did a full 1.5 hour tour, where I chose to have a quick look at Centre Court and tour the museum.

Me at Centre Court. It was a tour, but I was the only one who turned up. Stephen has his own Centre Court photo.


They have a VR presentation which is pretty sensational. They have started taking 360 degree video of the competition and it makes for an amazing experience. They have a trained hawk that acts to scare birds away from the courts during matches, and part of the presentation had the hawk landing just in front of you, I could have reached out and touched it. You can turn your head to see the Royal Box, such is the magic of VR.

The museum is very well done and covers the game from early days of Real Tennis played by Henry VIII and others to the present day. I liked seeing the dresses women used to wear when playing.


It’s easy to get here (Wimbledon) from our place, a tram ride to Wimbledon central from outside our housing complex, then a bus ride that took us just outside the gate.

Today we had news of the outcome of the Trump/Kim summit. Insulting the Canadian Prime Minister, blowing off the other heads of state of traditional allies at the G7, and cozying up to a dictator. Giving said dictator legitimacy despite his human rights record and nuclear capacity. I don’t think anyone really believes that Kim will give up his nuclear weapons. No wonder a Fox News host got a bit muddled and accidently described them as ‘two dictators’ – that is on Trump’s own fan channel. Are we impressed – not likely. It seems that he has played directly into Kim’s hands.

Gareth Evans said in an interview we saw on the ABC that with international diplomacy you have to be prepared to talk with ‘the worst of the worse’ in order to achieve peaceful ends. However, a wise leader would not think it meant having to flatter Kim and fly US flags alongside North Korean flags.

We understand Kim’s motivation, having proved his nuclear capacity he must improve conditions economically in order to hold on to power in North Korea. However, it is obvious that he has to keep the nuclear capacity as much as possible whilst doing just enough to have sanctions lifted.

Everyone has been willing to talk with Kim Jong Un since the full crazyness of the Trump administration has become clear. The fear that the madman in the Whitehouse would start a nuclear war for purely selfish and egotisical reasons was the motivation.


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