Wandering Home

After a very peaceful night at the Gnarla Mia campgrounds at Dryandra we took the long way home. In fact, because I consulted Google Maps and not Stephen who had an actual map, we went a very long way round through Cuballing. We wanted to drive through Dryandra Woodlands before leaving and take the Brookton Highway home.

After ‘lights out’ last night our eyes adjusted to starlight, with looming dark shapes of trees. We slept well and woke up to the alarm at 7.00 a.m. We used the heater for about half an hour whilst we had showers/washes in the bathroom. By the end of the time, we noticed that the heater was actually blowing cooler air – time to switch off. I tested it later and it was then blowing warm air, perhaps it had to do with the thermostat deciding that we were overheating.

Today we have had lots of cloud, some sunshine, and some rain. We are pleased that our patch appears to be working to prevent water coming in. We enjoyed going through the lovely green farmland.

We stopped at Brookton for lunch or second breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes. We had a rest, then coffee and cakes. We definitely haven’t done enough walking to justify all of the food, though we ate small quantiies and have had soup for tea, thank goodness for a well stocked freezer with the results of my cooking spree over the weekend.

We stopped a few times for short breaks during the day.

At Brookton, there was a strong breeze and the flowers kept moving.
a rest area on the Brookton Highway
This rest stop wasn’t such a good idea, there were lots of puddles and we added some more mud to the lower parts of the Winnie.
The puddles through the windscreen. Te had to negotiate through them to get to a section where we could get up some speed before driving onto the highway.
We’ve seen quite a lot of wildflowers – the weather is still wintry and unusually cold and wet, but plants are anticipating spring already.

Stephen rang Marie just before 1.00 p.m. to see if they were nearby. They had gone home via Albany Highway and arrived in Roleystone around 12.00. I feel a bit envious that to get home they don’t have to travel for 30 kms down Albany Highway at the end of their journey. However, I was still feeling on a high from our short time away and did not find the drive through traffic too difficult.

Stephen helped with bringing in food, clothes and bedding and it was all over very quickly. We are taking the Winnie in for repairs early tomorrow morning, normally we would unpack most of our stuff, but not worry about getting everything out.


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