An exciting announcement!

Disclaimer: if you have no interest in how to eliminate odors in a cassette toilet you don’t need to read any further. You won’t miss out on anything important and can come back to join us on our next trip.

We’ve had our motorhome for nearly two years. During this time we have used the cassette toilet mainly for no. 1s and occasionally for no. 2s in an emergency. I’ve researched blogs and Youtube to find a solution to the odor, and recently started using the heavily perfumed commercial solutions in our RV toilet. Unfortunately, they add another level of odor, without necessarily eliminating the original one. Plus there is the worry about whether we are poisoning ourselves.

Just before we went away to Wandering/Dryandra I watched a Youtube video about using a cassette RV toilet where they said they used white vinegar to successfully elimiate odor. I thought it was worth trying. We already use a spray bottle of water and white vinegar to ‘flush’ the toilet when we are conserving water. I bought a large bottle of cheap white vinegar in Coles and covered the bottom of the tank with about an inch.

We were away from Monday to Wednesday and two days later, today, I have just emptied the tank. We had not experienced any odor when we were away and I wanted to test it further. There was a faint smell of vinegar when I emptied the tank, but nothing else. Normally I spend lots of time rinsing afterwards and using washing up detergent to get rid of any lingering smell. Today I did two plain water rinses of the tank. In the case where there is no water for rinsing I think it would work to just start again with white vinegar in the bottom of the tank.

Of course, we are having quite a cold spell at the moment and it might not work quite as well in the heat.

The featured image above is another photo from the Dryandra forest. I thought a photo of the toilet was probably even more off putting than the subject of this post.

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