28 Pinjar Road, Coogee Caravan Park

Marie and Geoff were staying two doors down in Pinjar Road before leaving this morning at about 9.30 a.m. Glenn’s cabin is nearby. Very handy.

Yesterday we went to the Dome cafe at Port Coogee for lunch and dinner. Geoff and Stephen walked back from lunch, into the wind, though they said it was sheltered part of the way. Glenn had been out for the day on buses and although the main bus doesn’t run on Sundays he worked out a way of getting back to the caravan park on his own. Geoff dropped him off at a bus stop in the morning.

We felt we had to go out to dinner at the Dome because Glenn missed out at lunch time. We were rewarded with more tasty food and a beautiful sunset. It was cloudy and windy most of the day, but the sun came through enough to give beautiful colours.

sunset (1 of 1)

We’ve had a very restful mini break and feel ready to tackle the world again. This is definitely a good option when we want a short time away from daily life. It was easy to get bookings this time, though I read in this blog that we couldn’t get bookings either here or at Woodman Point one other time, and ended up going to Burns Beach. Burns Beach has the advantage of ocean views from the caravan area, but there is no shade. Shade is preferable and we only have a very short walk to the beach here. Plus, it is a short bus ride into Fremantle, there is good shopping at Port Coogee, and we have a choice of cafes during the day and the Dome for evenings.

Today is quite cool and partly cloudy with a medium sort of breeze.

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