Fremantle by bus

The main event of yesterday was a visit to Fremantle to see a movie of the play The Madness of King George III. The cast was wondering. The dialogue was witty and sometimes quite moving. The play gallops along, with frequent changes of scene.

We also enjoyed walking around Fremantle afterwards. Buses only run every hour and we missed one by about 10 minutes.

We walked through the Fremantle Markets, which seems much more interesting than when we have been there in the past. Some of the made goods appear to be quite high quality and the fruit and vegetables on sale looked very colourful. We had small samosas as a snack. I bought some Sichuan pepper, the first time I’ve seen any for sale for ages.

We walked down to the Esplanade Park, then back through the streets. It was cloudy and cool all day.

bus coming? (1 of 1)
checking on bus times
the waves (1 of 1)
wavy building
us together (1 of 1)

We saw Marie and Geoff arriving from the bus stop before we were picked up. We caught up for afternoon tea on return. Glenn has a small studio and seems happy with the accommodation.

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