We weren’t so much lost as having difficulty finding places we wanted to see. But, we managed to take in Notre Dame Cathedral in all it’s mess, still very impressive/

We had a morning coffee during our morning ramble and liked that chairs at cafes face outwards to the street to take in the views. It was sunny today, warm by the middle,of the day, but still very pleasant to be out.

We had lunch locally at a small restaurant and had Thai food this time.

Then we had an afternoon rest until 5:00 pm when we set out for the Eiffel Tower. We fell into conversation with someone at the station. He told us our planned route on the subway wouldn’t work and we had to go another way. That was helpful.

When we arrived at the station we still had quite a walk through a park and there was quite a lot of dust being blown up. Not quite what we had expected. We had a cold drink before tackling the final part, walking close to the foundations before going up to the Trocadero and around to the next metro.

It was a long and complicated journey on busy trains to get home. As we had a proper lunch we bought sandwiches at our local supermarket, plus small containers of crepe caramel and took them back to our hotel, it was quiet in the breakfast room, so we had our simple meal washed down with a beer.

Then back to our room for the night/

These photos are a little out of sequence.

Breakfast at our hotel this morning was lovely. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cereals, fruit, pastries, pancakes, toast, coffee and all sorts of extras. Just what we hoped for. We spent some time planning how to get to Albi. We had to book the first train, and that includes a change of train on the way. Then we have one more train to catch. Our host can pick us up and take us to our AirBNB for the night, rather than having to go by bus for the last leg. When our planning session was over we set out on the metro, and got lost, more or less.

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  1. Well done. So much activity. I’m looking forward to a lazy week at home. Although my best laid plans may come to nought😻

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