Day 63 – Pevensey RA to Cullulleraine (Bushmans Rest Caravan Park)

Thursday May 23rd, 2019

Waking up to our alarm at 6.30 a.m., we were well ahead of sunrise and watched it through our back window. We had a good night, not too disturbed by traffic (after all, we are city folk). The scenery might look a bit boring, but it was lovely being there in the morning. We seem to like flat country where we can have wide horizons.

Getting away shortly before 9.00 a.m. we have made good progress today, covering about 320 klms again. This included spending time in Balranald dumping our cassette and getting fresh water. We conferred with our insurer, but have to wait to talk with our assessor regarding what to do about the leak. We are inclined to wait until we get home. Stephen showed me the actual hose that is leaking, it is on the inlet to the tank, not the outlet to engine. He rang our repairer who confirmed that this part of the fuel system was simply disconnected during the repairs, not modified in any way. The pipe is probably quite generic and we could probably get it replaced, but we are reluctant to take time out from our travels.

This time I’ve had my way and we are camped near water, actually a lake. When we arrived we had a cup of tea. Stephen went off for a shower and I took my comfortable chair down to the lake to watch the sunset.

evening chair (1 of 1).jpg
Evening chair

There were a lot of water birds. Earlier there was the noise of a pump whilst the owners were watering, but this stopped soon after we arrived. There are a few other vans here, but it doesn’t feel crowded.

pelican perch best (1 of 1).jpg
the pelicans didn’t come in close, so this is my best shot at the end of the range of my lens
Winnie in place (1 of 1).jpg
We found a fairly level spot and held fast to it.


later (1 of 1).jpg

flight (1 of 1).jpg
white galahs making a fuss about returning to their nests

bright cloud2 (1 of 1).jpg


bright cloud (1 of 1).jpg


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  1. can always arrive late at Denmark.. I’m there till Monday morning… but you might just want to get home by then.. who knows…😻

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