Farewell Paris

Yesterday we spent the full day out. We went to the Musée D’Orsay to see the wonderful collection of impressionist paintings. As well as going to many of the galleries we had morning tea and then lunch at two of the cafes. We were able to get a lovely view over Paris from the upper deck, as in the above photo.

There weren’t just impressionist paintings, as you can see.

Our lunchtime cafe.

We were at the Musée from 9:30 to 3.00 pm. Afterwards, we caught the Metro to a famous cemetery where Stephen found the tomb of Oscar Wilde, whilst I sat things out in a nearby bar. Very tired legs.

On Wednesday we had had a very frustrating time trying to catch the 69 bus, a local bus that goes near many of the main attractions. Yesterday we finally managed to find it and were rewarded by going by the Louvre after squeezing through a very narrow passage. We must have been on a magic bus to have got through.

Not a very good photo from the bus.

We had an evening meal near the Musée D’Orsay which was on the way home. For the first time we were out well after sunset.

We were too tired to do too much packing last night, but getting up at 6.00 this morning we had plenty of time to get ready and have breakfast. We caught a taxi to the station as I was worried about carrying our luggage up and down stairs on the Metro. But then, we have a double decker train and our seats are on the upper deck. Stephen does the heavy stuff.

We really loved our little hotel in the suburbs, with low rise apartments and lots of cafes and little shops. I felt like I wanted much more time in Paris as it feels like we had just mastered how to get around and it was time to move on. We were able to hand wash our clothes and hang them in the bathroom to dry. In the warm weather they would dry quickly. The air conditioning worked when we needed it and otherwise we could just set to have fresh air flowing and open the window.

Our train seats are very comfortable with a good tray for messing around as we travel. We have two train changes on our way to Albi. The mild weather is about to change, we even had light rain on the way home last night. The forecast is for 38 on Monday.

3 responses to “Farewell Paris”

  1. Part of me jealous of you meanderings in Paris and part of me delighted to be home looking at the lake. Good on u Stephen with luggage. I am rethinking mine after not being able to carry mine in Sydney. More taxis?😆
    I think I’m going for 15kg limit case and small backpack. What do u think? Hope all went well with next step of journey.

    • I think keeping the weight down is a very good idea. Even though we have less weight on this part of the journey I find it feels heavier later in the day than the morning. We are travelling with handbags, lightish backpacks, a wheeled duffle that is airline cabin size and Stephen’s small case.

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