Sydney Day 39

We have made it to the Art Gallery. It took a little fussing at our third change to work out the correct platform, but we made it to Martin Place. That is the location of the Lindt Cafe, which oddly, has just come up in the news again. I couldn’t go in, I think its different if you live here, but for us it is wholly associated with the siege and deaths there.

I checked online and the cafe here at the Gallery is on the lower ground floor. I though it would be underground, but fortunately Sydney has lots of hills and the slope means that lower ground on one side means access to the open air.

We walked through the old hospital on the way here. They have a nice outdoor cafe as well.

Not only do they have a good collection at the Gallery, but the state library also has some galleries featuring specifically Australian works. We went there at about 3:30 and stayed until after 5:00. I was particularly taken with some early photography, photos taken by various members of the Macpherson family over generations. For the early photos they had to take a portable processing studio with them as the chemicals had to be worked on within 15 minutes of exposure. They managed, and many of the photos are simply wonderful. They show vividly the family and their times. The Library have put some of the photos on Flickr. If you click on the photo it will take you to the online gallery.

King Street tram in Prince Albert Road looking to St Mary's Cathedral and Hyde Park

This is the old section of the library where the galleries are housed.

And this is a view of the new section.

We had this view from a window in the art gallery. It was set up with comfortable chairs and has similarities with some of the paintings of the city. An intentional contemporary piece of art, perhaps.

On our way home we found out why the trains are double deckers. We were returning during the rush hour and despite all of the seats there were people standing in the aisles. Nevertheless, people seemed good humoured enough, and made room for each and cooperated well.

We can tick the Art Gallery and State Library of our list.

I do like this city, it has character, and that it’s set on hills and water, with lots of greenery and has lots of interesting and unexpected beautiful views.

I wouldn’t like to be working here and have a long commute and high housing costs, but to visit, staying in the caravan park for a modest $280 per week rent, paying seniors prices on public transport, it is enjoyable. Every time we go sightseeing we tire ourselves out, and if we don’t overdo it, we feel very satisfied,

I finally realised, after about 3 days, that having an itchy, runny nose, with eyes watering, is not my cold coming back, but hay fever. We visited a chemist on our way home and I can report that 1 antihistamine tablet has made all the difference. I also bought more fixamol for protecting my thumb when I wear the splint (yes, tendonitis still a problem) and Stephen bought some plasters for his toes as he is just starting to get some blisters again.

We went to Woolies on the way home for tissues, kitchen paper and yogurt, then onto the trainlink bus to home. Or fairly close, we still have a 15 minute walk, but tonight felt a bit better and didn’t find it so tiring.

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