Day 40 – Botany Bay

Tuesday 30th April, 2019

Today we took buses and trains out to Cronulla, then on to Botany Bay. Stephen wanted to see the place where Captain Cook landed on April 28th, 1770. Quite a long time before us! The area is a National Park, with it’s own Visitor Centre.

It was quite a long journey’ We went through the Central Station in Sydney, a stepping off place for travelling to outer Sydney and beyond to other cities.


We could see a bright red taxi nearby and it was just too tempting to get to our destination as quickly as possible after our long commute.


We spent some time at the Visitor Centre before following a path down to the bay past a number of memorials to the landing. The very last one was the actual landing place. Hopefully Stephen will add more about what we found in the comments section.

site of Captain Cook's landing (1 of 1)

We found a very nice cafe where we had lunch and rested until our bus was due.



On arrival in Chatswood we went to the Chinese restaurant we enjoyed a few nights ago. This time we sampled the dumplings, together with green beans and a rice cake dish. One of the owners was practicing the violin during much of meal and we could watch a man making noodles by the slapping and stretching method. Together with the sounds of the other diners it was quite noisy, though not as noisy as it had been on Anzac Day.




2 thoughts on “Day 40 – Botany Bay

  1. Cook arrived on April 28 and stayed for 8 days. Our visit was on April 30, which is 249 years and 2 days after Cook. The landing area was rather windy and atmospheric for our visit. I enjoyed blocking out all the modern development and imagining his visit. The overwhelming view now over Botany Bay is modern shipping and dock facilities, as well as passing aircraft approaching Sydney airport. There was a curious lack of other tourists there, which was welcome. A longer walk over the hedland would have been nice, to see the open Pacific, but time and energy did not permit. Congratulations to NSW for making this historic area a National Park, complete with a visitor centre.

  2. so much for the ‘smart rider’ idea.. I can see me using cabs in Sydney too… after all I’ll be travelling with luggage!!

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