Sydney Writers’ Festival: Days 41 and 42

Wed May 1st and Thurs 2nd May, 2019

Poetry talk at the Art Gallery
Live music at the Art Gallery

Writers’ Festival at Carriageworks, Redfern, Sydney

Mum had her biopsy today. We decided to stay in Sydney a couple of extra days because I didn’t want to travel when I might be distracted by wondering how it was going.

More later.

When we arrived today at the Festival there had been an evacuation because of a suspected fire. All was good and we were soon allowed in. We’ve been to two free sessions, plus a cheap on the day session late in the afternoon ($10 on the day if not sold beforehand). We are spending a good deal of food as we buy lunch and or dinner out each day, but it certainly helps us to keep going.

Mum had the biopsy today, now we just have to wait for the results. Younger sister Robyne stepped up to take her and was grateful that it wasn’t a full day as they headed home in the middle of the day. Mum was transported by ambulance both ways, with Mum on a stretcher and Robyne travelling with the driver. We now wait for the results.

We are spending a bit longer here to try to avoid the worst of the rush hour on the trains. They are lovely, gentle and smooth most of the time when we travel, but rush hour isn’t fun.

Last night we made friends with a fellow traveller on the shuttle bus after the talk at the Art Gallery. We met up with her again today, Karen. At least we know someone in Sydney.

We had a walk to our train station after being dropped off by the shuttle bus last night and an older woman escorted us to the station, then went off in a different direction to catch her bus. We felt it was very kind of her and I quite admired her intrepid way of being independent. There are lots of people in the city at night and it feels safe, sort of.

We have one more day here, I didn’t want to drive tomorrow because there is rain and a possible storm forecast. Marie will think I am a wimp, but it will be tricky on roads we don’t know in traffic until we get out of the city, then into the mountains on possible steep climbs and descents on windy roads. We don’t know what the road is like, but better to prepare for the worst. We hope there will be less traffic in the city on a Saturday morning.

We plan on coming back to the Writers’ Festival tomorrow, taking advantage of free sessions and maybe some late ticket sales. It is very lively and stimulating, with a setting that reminds me of being at the Midland Railway Workshops.

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