Day 43: Sydney in tears as we spend our last day here

Or, it might be just be rain. In fact, it has rained non-stop for about four hours. No storm or wind, just a straight, dripping, regular rain.

Friday 3rd May, 2019

We have had a pretty steamy time of it here in Sydney, mostly warm days and nights with very high humidity. The city reminds us a little of Chongqing – lots of lush greenery, very good infastructure ( e.g. train stations with shopping and eating opportunities) and signage in English and Chinese. In cafes, we are just as likely to hear people speaking Mandarin as English. We have enjoyed travelling into the city by train, finishing with a ride over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with a view of the Opera House. We like our caravan park, a bit shabby with regard to facilities, but very green and mostly peaceful.

I feel sad about leaving, but at some stage we must start heading west.

We decided to do something different today. We have had the experience of being at the Writers’ Festival and didn’t feel we needed to go there another day. Plus, because we are packing up tomorrow morning I didn’t want to arrive home late as we have the last couple of nights. When we get to the first gateway into our caravan park and it is locked we know that we are definitely arriving home very late. Then we have to walk to the main entrance, which is near where we are camped, but doesn’t feel as welcoming. The featured photo shows Stephen at the first gate this evening, arriving when it was still light.

Stephen has had a roast for lunch, I had jalapeno poppers and a couple of coffees.

We’ve become very fit from our time in Canberra and here in Sydney. I measure our walking in steps, not that this is necessarily accurate, but it does allow comparisons between days with very little walking and days with lots. We usually do about 12,000 steps, around 8 kms, per day. This is due to using public transport and having to walk to bus and train stops, as well as the sight seeing.

Chatswood Station
The Mall outside the train station entry at Chatswood
Chatswood Station
Our train arriving at Chatswood this morning
Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay
Opera House in the rain
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Greenery at Circular Quay
View on the platform at Circular Quay Train Station






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