Barkly Homestead to Avon Downs Rest Area July 4th, 2017

We spent the day travelling through a different landscape, basically flat with spinifex. Still, we always find it interesting. We were sad to leave the comforts behind.

It was quite a warm day, but we were not really prepared for how humid and warm the evening would be. At the Barkly Homestead it was cool in the evenings. So, we sat outside until it was dark, then had our meal. For the first time we had to put aside our warm quilt and sleep with just a sheet over us. We had all four roof hatches open, and all five windows. There were lots of other travellers in various types of vans around us, and a police station across the road, so we felt quite safe.

The police station was established about 100 years ago because of cattle rustling in the area. We met the policeman as he and his wife came over to invite the travellers to buy stuff for fundraising for the local cricket team.

The Winnie at Avon Downs Rest Area.jpg
The Winnie at Avon Downs Rest Area

It was lovely in the morning. It was cool, still humid, but comfortable.

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