Travels with the Winnie: Day 45

Still at the Barkly Homestead

To allow Stephen a bit of rest, and me too, we have stayed at the Barkly Homestead for a second night. The lure of an attractive cafe/bar as an alternative to sitting in or outside the Winnie was also a factor.

I washed the floor and did second load of washing. I’ve tended to be cautious of using the provided lines, and found my caution well founded. As I went to check on the load of washing this afternoon I found someone taking my stuff off the line and putting it on the dusty concrete! Eeek! I was somewhat forthright in my criticism, especially as I was about to take the washing off the line to give someone else a chance, even though it wasn’t completely dry.

So, washing will be strung around the Winnie next time. I have a free standing airer, plus one which fits in the bathroom, so have options.

In the morning we spent some time in the cafe/bar having our preferred drinks. The afternoon here was rather warm and I had the air conditioning going for a while. Still, it was very peaceful and pleasant.

We’ve come over to the bar this evening. Stephen wanted to look at the books, and has bought one on the Burke and Wills expedition. He is especially interested in the Dig Tree, where a cache of food that would have saved lives if it had been found by some of the explorers. He thought of visiting the Dig Tree, but we would have to travel on unsealed roads to get there and don’t want to tackle it without knowing how far we would have to go and how good the road would be.

Of course, some gravel roads wouldn’t be a problem at all, the Norseman to Hyden 300 kms is apparently quite wonderful and is something we want to do sometime as it has interpretive place markers along the way. We were talking with some travellers who have just gone that way and they said it was the best gravel road they have ever been on.

I took some photos and video on the GoPro this evening. Just including photos as it would take forever to upload video.

Barkly Homestead evening drinks and nibbles still (1 of 1).jpg
Drinks and nibbles at the back of the van where there was a bit of a breeze
Barkly Homestead evening better (1 of 1).jpg
The bush behind the caravan park

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