Day 52: Temora Aviation Museum Visit

Sunday 12th May, 2019

Taking advantage of having a vehicle we drove 80 kms to visit the Temora Aviation Museum. It houses aircraft from WWII and the Korean and Vietnam wars. Where the museum is housed was a training facility for pilots for these wars. The unique thing about this Museum is that all of the aircraft are kept in flying condition. We are not sure how it is funded as admissions on non flying days would definitely not cover it. They employ the aircraft mechanics and some of the staff even though they also have many volunteers.

We watched a video first of all which explained the origins of the idea of having a flying museum from an idea by David Lowy, AM. a pilot and enthusiast.


The workshop where aircraft are serviced
the Tiger Moth is the most recognisable of the aircraft
The lighting in the museum is very colourful and changes constantly, supposedly to imitate combat conditions. The volunteer thought my photos wouldn’t turn out, but they seem OK.
A Cesna Bulldog that is fairly similar to the civil aircraft version we knew as children.
the shark
up close, but not very personal
an overview


We enjoyed driving through the farmland to and from Temora. The little town has many old and attractive buildings, along the lines of Young, but Young has suffered more from ‘modernisation’ that took place before towns realised they had to keep the historical features to attract tourists.

Matt went to a NDIS awards night last night for people with disabilities embracing employment opportunities, or something to that effect. He and his team didn’t win a prize, but the looked good. His supervisor sent me this photo.


Well done Matt. I wish they would dress him in ‘smart casual’ for this type of event, rather than white shirt and bow tie, etc. But, that’s just my taste.

We now have only two and a half weeks before the Denmark Festival of Voice. It seems likely that we will be here at least another couple of days, which makes it unlikely that we can make it. The next deadline for me is Mum’s appointment on the 11th June which is four weeks away, and should be easily doable.


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