Day 51 – exploring Young’s history

Saturday 11th May, 2019

Today was grey, with a cold wind. We opted for an indoor activity, visiting the Young Folk Museum. Our tour started with a video of a historian talking about the town and it’s history as a gold mining town. It was sad to hear about the riots against the Chinese miners, but there has been an attempt at reconciliation. On Monday we plan to go to a memorial garden and there are exhibits in the museum honouring the Chinese people who came for the gold, but often stayed as they set up businesses and even married local women.

We also found out about the early white settlers to the region and the various mining and farming interests that keep the area a vibrant place to live.

The video talked about some of the lovely buildings in the town that escaped modernisation. When I walked back into the town it was interesting to see some of the details we had seen in the video, having already admired the buildings when we walked here on the first evening.

This is the building where the museum is housed. Stephen spent a lot longer than me looking around, so I had time to revisit Wilders Bakehouse Cafe.

We came home for lunch and haven’t gone out again. We have books, the internet and TV to keep us occupied. It’s a small cabin, but we have more space than in the Winnie. When we go to the toilet we reach for the lever to open the top of the toilet as we do in the Winnie.

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