Home Again: Winnieleaks

Friday 7th June, 2019

We came home from Brookton on Wednesday morning, arriving at Iveco about 11.00 a.m. We left the van there and caught buses to our place to pick up our Working Voices stuff for the gig on Friday night, plus our car. We had lunch at the Mt Lawley Dome Cafe, then went to see Matt for a brief catchup visit. He was doing artwork, though probably not his favourite activity, yet at least its something different. We paid for four meals from his pop up bar which he will freeze and bring home on Saturday night to share.

Then we went back to pick up the van. We were assurred that all would be good, though we would only really know if we filled up the fuel tank. His words, meant in jest, echoed in my mind. We drove separately to Roly, then together up the Brookton Highway to fill up. Checking underneath, the fuel was absolutely pouring out.

This puddle got bigger and bigger and we apologised to the service station staff.

We arranged to take the van back to Iveco in the morning, then drove back to Roly. We parked on the verge as there was still a strong leak. We had power piggy backed from Marie and Geoff’s van and spent the evening in the house, cooking tea, watching TV and having showers.

leaked fuel under our van at Roly (on the verge)

In the morning we filled our water tank with a view to free camping in East Victoria Park overnight after choir. On arrival at Iveco our man was cross with his team for not solving the problem. We spent most of the day there, going to a nearby Gloria Jeans for lunch, but mostly sitting in their customer lounge. They worked out that the non standard fuel tank needs a special part to link it to the fuel inlet pipe. The part has been ordered and should arrive Monday about lunchtime. In the meantime, they’ve done a patch, but told us it will still leak if we refill the fuel tank.

at Gloria Jeans

The weather was quite weired yesterday, strong, gusty winds, cloud and smog. Bush fires and a nearby fire at a plastics factory contributed.

the sky

We stored our van at Queens Park Caravan Park last summer, and I asked if we could go there for the night, rather than free camp. I felt confident we could easily park there in the dark. We arrived after 9.00 p.m. and couldn’t work out how to access water, but connected up to power for a comfortable night. How glad we were to have filled up the water tank at Roly.

This morning the plan is to drive up to Roly and settle in. We can use our car for shopping  and going to tonight’s gig in Fremantle.




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