Status update

Wednesday 12th June, 2019

We have had the ‘big’ meeting re Mum’s treatment. The lovely doctor has confirmed that she is not a candidate for tests to confirm whether or not the cancer has spread, chemotherapy and an operation, but will instead take a medication which helps to shrink tumours. As well as involving us, he spoke directly with Mum, holding her hands as he told her she has cancer and that this is not a cure. Of course, she is fine about that, being philosophical about dying. She was having a good day, very on the ball, and it worked out well. We were anxious for about a month and a half about the meeting and are very grateful that it went off so smoothly. She keeps forgetting about the cancer, of course.

Stephen came along, travelling with Marie on the train. He came in handy to be in the waiting room and guiding Marie, then Robyne, on where to go. Robs had trouble getting parking, normally she is early to appointments.

The Winnie is still waiting on her spare part, which works out well for us as we haven’t had to drive down to Belmont to have her fixed. It would easier to wait until next week when we have moved back into our house so we are not concerned about the delay.

We had a successful evening with the Men of the West and the Brunswick Womens Choir last Friday night. Driving all the way back to Roleystone late at night wasn’t fun, but we got home safely. We had a few of days of getting up late and watching movies in the afternoon. We watched ‘On the basis of sex’, ‘Green Book’ and ‘The Favourite and found all of them enjoyable in different ways.

Yesterday was strenuous as we had the appointment, me driving to Regis and travelling to and from RPH in the ambulance with Mum. In the evening we went to Solidarity Park behind the Parliament building for a little memorial service for Bob Hawke. I didn’t get any photos and UnionsWA haven’t so far posted any photos of us on Facebook, though they have posted a few photos of the speakers. We had a meal at the Dome in Adelaide Terrace with Eversley and Ben, then back to Roleystone.

Today we have walked to Raeburn Orchards Cafe and confirmed that we can catch a bus back.




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