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15th June, 2018 Saturday

Yesterday morning we had a meeting with an RN from the Palliative Care Team at Regis and watched as Mum went through her end of life plan, a simple enough form, but very emotional for her (and us).

Geoff heated up pies for our lunch, very welcome as it is still quite wintry. We had a rest, then packed up the Winnie for going home. I think we arrived here at about 4.00 p.m. We now have about three weeks until we leave for England.

G, our housesitter and exchangee, has left most of his stuff here, at Stephen’s suggestion. He has put things out of the way, but the house felt alien and I retreated to the van. Not before doing three loads of washing, of course.

By not making up the bed I ensured that Stephen also spent the night in the van. We found our 10amp hookup a wee problem as we can only run one power intensive applicance at a time, but we managed. Stephen used the shower in the house and I used the one in the van. It was cold enough overnight for our down comforter to be very welcome. I thought it would be warmer here than at Roleystone, but it seemed about the same.

This morning my attitude has changed. First things first, I set up my laptop and hard drives on the dining room table to upload all of the photos from the trip to the cloud. Some uploading has happened, but I mostly disable it to preserve our data for watching movies and TV programs and listening to podcasts, as well as general internet usage.

Then, I made up our bed, bringing our down comforter to the bedroom. I’m not sure if we will need it in the house, but it’s lightness makes it very good for sleeping.

We still have a great deal to do, but have made a start. More washing is happening today, mostly linen from the van.



Today’s photos are from our time in the Blue Mountains.

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