Wandering around East Croydon

We find that little has changed since last year. A couple of different cafes. Fairfield Hall is still being renovated and looks awful, though it is supposed to be finished before we leave here in mid October.

Stephen is starting to think of activities for the next few days. We leave for France next Tuesday.

In general, we are adjusting well to the time difference. We slept from around 8.30 pm last night until 6.00 this morning. We rested for a while in the afternoon, but have not been too tired.

We went down town to get our English SIM cards, going with Three this time because we can use them without roaming charges in Europe. We have a bit of data, and also have a Vodafone SIM from home which has 100GB of data and can be used in England Europe for $5.00 per day. We also did a fairly large shop for food. We were amused that the young lady at the checkout thought it was a fairly healthy shop, given that we bought a bar of chocolate, a small fruit cake, and some McVities, as well as salads and fruit. We bought mince and have made a pot of spaghetti bolognese which will last us for a few meals.

We came home for lunch, a rest and some Wimbledon, then went for another walk to get our special rail pass that allows us a 30% discount on fares. We also topped up our Oyster cards.

We’ve been very fortunate in the weather so far, it is warm enough for summer clothes during the day and cool enough at night for sleeping.

We went to the library, which closed just as we arrived at 6.00 pm

Our apartment building

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