We like buying small quantities of wine because if we buy a normal sized bottle it often doesn’t get finished. Buying wine in a can may seem a bit extreme, but this brand is labelled ‘Product of France’ which gives it some credibility, surely.


Today we’ve begun planning our move to Yorkshire, with a few nights in Birmingham on the way. Stephen wants to visit the home of Erasmus Darwin in Litchfield, which is about half an hour from Birmingham. After some dithering we’ve booked a private room in a hostel near the bus station for three nights. Bus rather than train because we still have to go to Victoria in London and the bus station is close by. The trip will cost 10GBP, very cheap indeed. From there, we go to Manchester, then out to our village near Hebden Bridge.

This means we will learn something of the route to take when Eversley arrives at Manchester Airport in a few weeks time. We plan to go to Manchester Airport and help her get to our exchange house. It means a couple of extra hours travel after the long flight. We won’t drive to the airport, but may bring the car part of the way to make it easier for her. We have a car for the four weeks we are in Yorkshire and are hoping that driving in the north of England is a bit less frantic than the south. After our trip in a hire car last time I have sworn off driving in England, but the shock has faded. Stephen and I are both on the insurance for the car and could take turns.

We had an enjoyable time on Facetime with Matt. To help him to know how long we will be I keep telling him that we will be home for my birthday in October. He knows it is a fairly long time to go. He always appears well and happy and we think he doesn’t mind us being away.

We’ve had a little walk late this afternoon. Up in our 9th floor apartment it appeared to be quite chilly. It’s windy and quite cloudy and we did have a few drops of rain when we were out.

Our only other excitement has been that I ordered some underwear online from M&S and two things came on Saturday and one this morning (Sunday). Very strange to have deliveries on the weekend. I’ve ordered a new lens cap for my camera (I lost one in Brig), and that delivery is scheduled for Tuesday. This is what it is like to live in Greater London.

This evening we are watching highlights of the cricket, followed by Chernobyl. We started watching the TV series in Albi, many weeks ago during the heat wave. Time to finish the series, with two episodes to go.


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