Wandsworth Common

Feeling that we should get out of the house we went to Wandsworth Common for afternoon tea. We had to catch a train one way, then catch a train back to actually land there. Of course, we visited the Common a few years ago when Stephen wanted to check out the house where he used to live. If you are interested, here is a link to that blog entry.


We had afternoon tea at the same Neros Cafe that we went to before. Stephen remembered that it had newspapers he could read. The paper he wanted wasn’t available, but the girl on the counter said he could read one of the ones on sale, and just pay if he wanted to take it away. In the end, we took it away with us (paying, of course).

Then we enjoyed strolling around the Common, finding we remembered some things well and other things not so well. There is a beautiful cafe down one path and I think we actually went there last time, as well as going to the Neros. We spent a lot longer in the area that time.

We came home feeling refreshed from being in the open air and greenery.

Afternoon tea (1 of 1)

Cafe Nero (1 of 1).jpg
Stephen says he doesn’t remember this row of cafes at the edge of the Common. But, he wasn’t much into cafes at that stage of his life.

Wandsworth Common (1 of 1)

white house (1 of 1).jpg

The Skylark Cafe (1 of 1)
I’ve left the leafy shadows at the side of the sign deliberately as I like them. 
anything for me? (1 of 1).jpg
This swan came in close hoping for some food.

white swan (1 of 1).jpg

viewing platform (1 of 1).jpg

There were lots of little platforms for fishing, but you do need to have a fishing licence.

Mr Whippy (1 of 1).jpg
Only in summer, of course. She was running the engine as a generator, but I think the Mercedes van has a second alternator for that purpose.
Virgin (1 of 1).jpg
We sat on a bench and watched the aircraft flying in for Heathrow. My zoom lens isn’t that long, but the tracking on my camera is very good and by cropping the image we could see the marking clearly and identify some of the airline marking.
bowling green (1 of 1).jpg
The sky was washed out in this image, but using the neutral density filter in Lightoom I was able to bring it back. Of course, I should have used masking on the trees on the right as all detail has disappeared. Next step… We were sitting on a bench her on the edge of the bowling green to watch the planes and have a rest.

On the station at East Croydon Stephen checked with an officer about our train. We ended up having quite a good conversation. We assumed he was British, given that most of the people of colour in our area are, but it turned out he was Nigerian and had only been here for five years. We compared notes on the ease of getting back to our home countries from England, he said he can decide he wants to have dinner back home and be there in 3-4 hours, whereas for us, it is takes such a long time. He and his wife want to travel when they retire. We felt quite a connection and may well see him again when catching trains.

My new lens cap arrived this morning and it felt much better taking the camera out with a lens cap on. The delivery was very prompt, they promise four working days, but it was less than two.

The bed here in the Croydon apartment isn’t all that comfortable. The mattress is a bit saggy. It has a mattress topper where I tuck in the bottom sheet. It usually needs retucking each day. It triggered something for me. The double bed in our motorhome is terribly difficult to make because we have a thick mattress and is in the corner and it’s impossible to really tuck the bottom sheet in properly. Like this one, you have to retuck most mornings. In addition, I’m still having problems with the damaged tendon in my thumb which happened when struggling with the bed making.

What if we got a mattress topper for the bed in the motorhome. Although the bottom sheet might still come untucked, it would be so much easier to retuck it into a thin and light mattress than our big, heavy mattress. The bed is extremely comfortable and we wouldn’t want to get rid of that mattress.

The mattress topper would need to be cut to the odd shape of our bed, but I believe memory foam mattress material can be cut to order. We would just need to measure it very carefully. It might be possible to use safety pins with a mattress topper to keep the sheet tucked in, something that is nearly impossible with our normal mattress because it is so hard to lift up and get access underneath. Anyway, a realtively cheap and simple solution to a problem we’ve had ever since getting the van.

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  1. I use safety pins in the caravan. Access is quite difficult but worth the trouble down the track when bed stays tucked in even with me tossing and turning. Mind you our mattresses are comparatively light but I still get cranky when making up beds! Prefer to be on my own – the “help” just gets yelled at… Ree

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