Brexit news dominates

I’ve been following the Brexit news, taking heart that the elected represenatives of the people of Britain are wresting back control of matters from the leader elected by 92,000 members of the conservative party. As I analyse the complexities of Brexit, it is clear that there are so many matters that need resolving that either UK isn’t ready, or needs to go for a soft Brexit, with a gradual recasting of the EU relationship over time. Politicians like to make it sounds really simple, but it isn’t.

Of course, we Austrlians shouldn’t have an opinion, but everyone else does.

We didn’t do anything else of note yesterday, besides booking train tickets to Manchester for Monday. We have two return tickets for us, and a single for Eversley. We watched ‘Rocket Man’ in the evening, which was enjoyable on the small screen and was probably much more wonderful in a movie theatre. However, worth watching even on a TV.

We are getting into a bad habit of late nights and want to shift to going to bed a little earlier so that we can get up in the morning with more energy.

The photo for today is from our walk two days ago.

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  1. Brexit dominates our news too. Wonder how long it will take to wear Boris down from his bouncy self?. Love all your posts short or long. Love Pooleys

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