Rochdale Delights

Yesterday we took a trip to Rochdale by train to see the Gothic Town Hall and the Coop Museum. There are probably other things we could have seen, but we achieved both of these, sort of. Unfortunately the Town Hall was being used for a wedding and we couldn’t go in. However, we could see why Hitler had plans for it after conquering Britain. He was so impressedd that he told his bombers to avoid it and had plans to ship it Germany. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. The building is actually from the Victorian era, replacing an older one.

Rochdale Town Hall (1 of 1)
Rochdale Town Hall

We had lunch in a little cafe overlooking a market in the square before tackling the museum. We enjoyed reading about the setting up of the coop and it’s subsequent history. We have been shopping at the Coop here in Mytholmroyd after one visit to the Sansburys Local because we thought it was the only supermarket open last Sunday. Fortunately the Coop is also open on Sundays. Today, when we were asked about becoming members we actually said ‘yes’. As we did a large shop we have actually earned some cash back already. In the early years it was a form of savings account for people. If they lost their job they could take money out and it was usually used to buy food from the store. The featured photo shows the museum building. It is based where the coop originated.

Photos from the coop museum.

These days the money goes back to members and also helps to fund community projects. You can see that our communitarian (opposite or individualistic) ideals are being tapped here.

Yesterday was a fine day with ‘sunny spells’ – very good for getting out. Our return train was delayed, but thankfully not cancelled, as can happen. We had the car parked at our station and waiting for the particular train that comes here, rather than getting off at Hebden Bridge and catching a bus to our village.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. There are a few clouds about, but no rain forecast for today. We’ve had our session with Matt – his usual happy self. We showed him around the ground floor of the house and our view outside. Then, after a bit of delay we went out to do the shopping.

market square (1 of 1).jpg
View from our upstairs cafe at lunchtime
cobwebs (1 of 1).jpg
sunshine yesterday evening
flowers (1 of 1)
flowers across the road from where we are staying
at the cafe at lunchtime


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