We did it for the first week, but feel we have finally mastered it, sort of. The trick is that it’s three soft syllables, no emphasis My(as in mine)-thol-royd said very fast and soft.

Yesterday was an adventure of going by train to Manchester Airport. We caught the first train to Manchester Victoria, then a special new train out. We got to our local station early because we weren’t sure we could park the car there (we got a spot) and we also wanted to print out the train tickets, but it didn’t work and we had the fun of trying to use the reader at the gate with the phone, which kept changing from portrait to landscape and messing things up. Eventually, the person on duty would just let us through.

Eversley, like us, was doing quite well despite having had very little sleep. It’s an advantage to arrive during the day. She managed to stay up until shortly after the evening meal and woke up this morning ready to do a little exploring – as long as she could get back for a nap after lunch. We went down the hill to a small valley with a church and a pub. We walked up hill for about 20 minutes before going back to the pub for coffees and a light snack.

The church and pub probably date from abound the mid 1800s, as far as we could tell. Although the person at the pub couldn’t tell us it’s age, he was knowledgable about the walks and we realised that the best walk was probably the one we didn’t take.

Then we went down to the Co op for some shopping.

There was an upper deck at the pub, which is where these dogs came from, but we couldn’t see the deck and it just looked like they had climbed on the roof.

cautious dog on roof (1 of 1).jpg

the Hinchcliffe (1 of 1)

the Church (1 of 1).jpg

more gravestones and RV (1 of 1).jpg

very green (1 of 1).jpg

On Brexit, the parliament in early hours of this morning voted against an early election, hoping to force Boris and his crew to renegotiate a deal with the EU. At the end of the session, when they won’t be able to meet again for six weeks, some of the members started singing and others joined – the Labour Party sang The Red Flag and the Welsh and Scottish representatives sang nationalistic songs. Anti No Brexit representatives held onto the Speaker of the House (in a symbolic way) to show their protest over the suspension of parliament at this critical time. We didn’t stay up to see the result, just caught up this morning. It’s all rather sweet, if it wasn’t so serious.

We don’t have autumn colours yet, but you can see that some leaves are beginning to turn.

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