Visiting the Yorkshire Dales National Park (NOT)

In fact, we explored lots of options of a day or overnight trip in the Yorkshire Dales, and it was just too challenging in terms of transport and finding accommodation that wasn’t really expensive. This morning, we concluded that there were things to explore in our local area.

First, we drove up a road we have been on before with the idea of stopping a few times to look at possible walks (all downhill, with a promise of uphill later), but mainly to enjoy the views.

Cragg Vale - 1


up to reservoir (1 of 1)

farmhouse (1 of 1)


moorland (1 of 1)


cleft with trees (1 of 1)


drystone wall (1 of 1)

Then, we drove further on to Hollingworth Lake in Smithybridge. The walk around the lake is probably about 4.5 kms. We stopped at a cafe to enjoy a light lunch, then on return to the start of our walk we had a cafe visit for tea, coffee and cake.

lake walk begins (1 of 1)


cafe half way (1 of 1)
First Cafe
bridal cafe (1 of 1)
Second Cafe

lake boats (1 of 1)


gulls (1 of 1)


bridge (1 of 1)

I was able to get lots of photos on that walk as well. The last time we went to the lake we only walked part of the way and it felt quite an accomplishment to walk all the way around, including past some wetlands. The day was cloudy, but it didn’t rain until after we got in the car to drive home at about 2.30 p.m.

We’ve identified another possible walk, with parking on the side of the road and a path that stretches across the moor (not up or down). We have a bit more local exploring to do in the next few days before we leave here on Sunday morning.

flower (1 of 1)


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