To Leeds for the day

When we arrived at the station the ticket machine was out of order. Someone suggested that we photograph the out of order notice to show officials when we arrived in Leeds. So we did.

When we arrived and went to buy our tickets we were told that many of the machines were out of order due to the heavy rain. We were charged £5 each for our return journey, possibly a special price due to the problem.

Stephen wanted to visit Leeds because he had been told that there are wonderful Indian restaurants there. He checked out an special exhibition celebrating 300 years of immigration in the city museum and E and I thought it sounded interesting, and indeed it was. But, we didn’t go to an Indian restaurant, basically because we don’t like spending a lot of money on lunch.

We went first to the gallery/library where there was a Visitor Information Centre. First after tracking down a Three shop to get vouchers to top up our mobile accounts. It took a bit of searching. We had a look at the gallery as well.

The city has some impressive public buildings. Unlike York, they are mixed in with modern buildings of varying styles. It is still a city with great cultural diversity and we felt quite at home, of course, since this is what it is like in Perth.

I noticed some kids with health problems as we walked around, and I think there may be a children’s hospital in the city.

There was some rain during the day, but not enough to get us wet. We took a walk to the river and canal before catching the train home. The river runs under part of the station. The canal has the usual collection of canal boats, but there was one that was unusual.

At the bus stop in the morning we ran into a local woman we have met before at the bus stop. We will miss her as it is nice to have contact with one of our neighbours.

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