Dunsborough Songfest – Days 1 and 3

We took it rather easy on Saturday morning, staying at our campsite at the caravan park until lunchtime. We then headed to the boat ramp area in Dunsborough to have a picnic lunch. We were due for a warmup at 1.30 p.m. and made it in plenty of time.

Our 20 minute concert appearance had it’s ups and downs. Stephen and I weren’t well rehearsed, having only been to a couple of practices before the Songfest. I took time out during one song to get some photos for our Facebook page.

Stephen and I stayed for the whole afternoon concert and were therefore onsite for a brief session with Voicemale rehearsing a couple of the songs in preparation for our joint concert next month. Then it was off to the Old Dunsborough Hall for a quick meal before heading off for the Saturday night concert at the school. We stayed for the whole concert this time.

This morning we weren’t required until 10.30 and were able to have a fairly relaxed morning before packing up. We had a warmup session, then sang our two songs, and felt free to do what we wanted. That involved staying long enough to listen to some of the other singers and have a cup of tea(me anyway).

We went back to the Busselton foreshore for lunch, setting off for Collie at about 2.00 p.m. Owing to some conflicting advice from Google Maps and Stephen’s physical map we did not get to Collie until about 5.00 p.m. It was too late to drive to Potter’s Gorge in fading light and we booked in to stay at the caravan park. We are just across the street from Marie, Geoff and Glenn.

We had our FaceTime session with Matt this morning because we expected to be at Potter’s Gorge where the phone reception is patchy.

We are pretty tired from the drive and glad to be able to relax and have a meal of leftovers. Stephen is reading about the Collie area and has a sightseeing day planned for tomorrow. We may go to PG in the afternoon.

When we were in England I booked two nights there, dreaming of a peaceful couple of night at PG. I hadn’t reckoned on the weather, we are already having hot temperatures. Fortunately we have a cooler couple of days to come, and will be home again before the temperatures rise to over 35. Yesterday’s heat was a bit of a problem, even in Dunsborough, but it was about 40 in Perth and the temperature in Dunsborough only reached about 33.

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