Dunsborough Songfest Day 1

It’s a miracle. All of our tiredness and feeling unwell has disappeared and we woke up feeling ready for the drive to Dunsborough. We used the car to trolley all of our stuff down the driveway to the Winnie and were away by 9:15 am. We had a couple of short stops for toilets and fuel, plus a morning tea stop at one of our favourite rest stops, the John Tognela Rest Area.

We pushed on and diverted just a little to have lunch at 1.30 pm on the beach at Busselton where we stayed for about three hours having a rest and wandering around enjoying the sunshine and beautiful sea.

We left Busselton at about 4:30 pm for the Dunsborough Lakes Caravan Park and were all set up at around 5:30 pm. We ran into friends from choir on the way down whilst refuelling and have other friends, also from our choir, camped close by us here. Catching up with people we know is all part of the Dunsborough experience.

We made it in to the evening concert, a little late due to having showers, a delicious meal of leftovers, and desert of rhubarb and icecream. We didn’t score seats in the hall at the concert and gave up at the interval to come home. We had seats outside, but it was very noisy with lots of people socialising and not listening to the music.

Suddenly, we are very tired indeed.

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