The Winnie is ready for pickup

But we had a few things to do in town first. I’ve bought some safety pins for making up the bed, a new sun stopping hat, some lingerie and lens cleaners. Stephen has registered at Trinity School for Seniors to sing a song at their Christmas Concert. He is now spending some time going to the exhibition we saw last week. Because we went on the tour it means he didn’t get enough time to linger on the things that interest him.

This photo is for Eversley. I couldn’t resist getting a little keyboard like hers. It is very small and light, the keys must be pressed firmly, which is good for my typing style, and it is actually almost full sized, so fairly comfortable for typing when I’m at a cafe.

When we were travelling light in Europe I just had my iPad with me, leaving my laptop at the apartment in East Croydon, and would like to be able to leave the laptop behind entirely next time. Although the iPad is still a bit limited in what it can do it would make travel a bit easier, especially at airports going through security, but also in terms of weight. Having a small and light keyboard is another step in that direction. I can do some editing of photos on the iPad, it’s more a matter of being able to back up all of the photos and video.

The PadOS now allows for a physical connection to a backup drive and some small hard drives have an SD card reader. We are not planning another overseas trip at this stage, so no decisions need to be made. However, I don’t want to have as much stuff as I had on our last trip.

Our visit with Matt last night went well. I could hear him chatting away to Stephen outside as they were doing some gardening. It’s good when he is in the mood where he forgets we can’t understand and just wants to get it out.

We had Eversley and Rae over for a movie night on Friday night. Rae asked about our trip and she got the lot, with me taking her through the blog, mainly to show the photos. Eversley could add her part as well. We then started the movie, had a break for tea, then finished it off. Juliet, naked is a romantic comedy starring Rose Byrne and Ethan Hawke. The last movie we watched together a few months ago also starred Ethan Hawke, but was very serious, so this time we enjoyed seeing him in a non serious role.

Rae says she is happy for us to choose the movies as she likes to broaden her mind. Not that she is stuffy in any way – she is a little older than Mum and I think we forget that that generation wasn’t really very conservative, or at least the women weren’t. Especially after they gained some experience of life.

Stephen was falling asleep in front of the TV last night and went to bed early, not feeling all that well. But he has bounced back this morning. We usually wake up early and it certainly makes a good start to the day. Maybe it has to do with getting light so early.

Our plan now is to have lunch at City Place before catching a bus out to Welshpool to pick up the Winnie from Ken Peachy Caravans.

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  1. Think you’ll enjoy the keyboard… I was amazed how I forgot about all my other gadgets after I bought it.. which was just as well since I did have any… and Big IMac was having a holiday from me as well. He was in my bedroom waiting for my return-my latest partner😉 But he was grateful to have me back and has been a joy to have silently waiting all night for me to engage him every morning!
    Travel safely.. no more hitches with Winnie – tell her to behave herself too!!

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