Day 1: Victoria Park to Meckering

As predicted, we left at about 11.30 a.m. after a long morning of getting ready. We didn’t feel the best physically and only the relatively short journey ahead kept us going. I developed a headache before we left and had to hold off on panadol until we arrived in Meckering. Nevertheless, we were in good spirits and keen to get on the road.

At Mundaring we stopped to go to the bakery for lunch. Pies at the best bakery, of course. There is a parking area across the road from the shopping area. As we were crossing the busy highway Stephen accelerated and I joined him in a run for the final bit. I wasn’t watching my feet and did a rather spectacular fall. I even had time to realise I must roll immediately, which prevented any damage, though left me in a bit of a shock. A young man raced over to help and he and Stephen set me on my feet. It could have been a disaster, instead we were left feeling thankful that I hadn ‘t injured myself.

At the bakery we queued with other people eager to have their delicious food. Only three people were allowed in the shop at a time. People were mindful of social distancing. We waited about 10 minutes for our turn. We took our pies and hot drinks back to the van as they had not reinstated their outdoor seating. Probably because lots of room was needed for the queues!

We had a short rest, then continued on. Stephen took the wheel just after Northam after a photo stop.

Stephen on the road again (1 of 1).jpg

He enjoys examining trees and vegetation whereever we are.

Stephen examining a tree (1 of 1).jpg

view past Northam2 (1 of 1)
The view

We arrived in Meckering just after 3.00 p.m. My calculation of the distance travelled was out by about 20 kms, but didn’t matter. We had a cuppa and I took some Panadol and had a lie down. We relaxed for the rest of the day and evening. It was cloudy, but we didn’t have much rain overnight. Our evening meal consisted of leftover chicken and vegetables with a bit of lettuce thrown in. Followed by fruit and yogurt with a little chocolate sauce.

In the night my headache returned. It has been the sort that originates in the neck and I associate it with stress. Sometimes it gets better if Stephen puts his hand on my neck for about 10 minutes. We tried that, as well as more Panadol. The thing about the Stephen method is that the headache shouldn’t return once the Panadol wears off. We shall see.

Stephen is pottering around having his wash and getting his breakfast ready as I am writing. I should get active as well.

in our usual spot, but not as big (1 of 1)
in our usual spot at Meckering

Our noisy neighbours. It’s quieter this morning.

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