Day 14: Sandstone to gravel pit 15 kms south of Mt Magnet via London Bridge

How’s that for a title!

Sandstone has a heritage trail which takes in a limestone bridge, which is called London Bridge. We drove down a gravel road to get there, being now somewhat philosophical about how dusty we are getting. The outside of the van doesn’t look too bad, but there is fine grit all around inside. It will take quite a bit of work to clean up when we get home. Of course, the outside will need cleaning as well.

London Bridge is well worth a visit.

We stopped in Mt Magnet for groceries, quite a good IGA and we stocked up on cider and other essentials😀

As we didn’t need a caravan park WikiCamps came to our rescue. It isn’t the most delightful place, mainly due to all the rubbish. But we have tucked behind a large pile of gravel and we are on a blue metal surface.

Although we liked the Sandstone Caravan Park we were placed near a number of bright lights. Although it was a still night and we really needed the windows open we had to keep the blinds drawn to make it dark enough to sleep. The secret is to think of these things and perhaps choose our own place to spend the night. It’s a very large caravan park and there were very few vans, so we would have had a choice.

Otherwise it is a great place to stay and the proximity to an interesting old pub is a bonus.

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