Day 15: gravel pit to Mt Gibson Rest Area

We are not currently at Mt Gibson, but having lunch at Payne’s Find which has 4g. As I don’t think we will be able to post from Mt Gibson I’m just posting this little update, with a link to a YouTube video that will fill you in on what happened this morning.

We are also about to find out what would happen if we had the engine running whilst the inverter was on. When we arrived here I realised I hadn’t switched it off after blow drying my hair. I haven’t tried using it to power anything yet, so can’t tell you if it’s a problem.

This morning we used battery/solar power to boil the kettle twice, make two pots of coffee and heat up milk on the portable electric hot plate, and used the hairdryer. We were getting lots of solar power and by the time we set out on our journey the batteries were up to 100%. Pretty fantastic. We’ve used up one of our gas bottles and have now switched to the other one. It will definitely last until we get home, but using renewable power as well seems a good idea.

The video is very short. The photo is one of Stephen practicing to be a Gormley statue on Lake Ballard. He wouldn’t do it naked as it was cold.

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