Day 15: Mt Gibson Rest Area

We have a bit of Telstra 4g after all. It’s just a car park on the edge of the highway, but is very large. We’ve taken a spot near the bush. A family with a tent camper have parked near us in the bush, but they have an SUV which was able to handle the rough track. It’s also a possibility that it will rain tonight, so best to be on bitumen.

A notable thing that happened this afternoon when we were just about to drive out of a parking bay when we saw a large truck carrying monster tyres passing another long, heavily loaded truck. This was happening just as they passed us and if it had gone wrong they could have not only killed us, but the people in a car behind us. It seemed incredibly foolish. There was a third truck just behind as well.

As we drove this afternoon heavily laden trucks often passed us, including wide loads where we had to get off the road. They were all heading north as we headed south. We also saw lots of caravans heading north. People taking advantage of the lifting of regional border restrictions. We are still cut off from the rest of Australia, but with such a huge land area spanning north to south with different weather systems there are a lot of possibilities.

No damage to the inverter from leaving it on whilst driving.

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