To the North: Lake Nallan to Meekatharra

We finished off our time in Cue with a walk along the Main Street to admire the lovely old buildings. We had hot drinks at a bed and breakfast cafe and did a small amount of shopping at a service station (there was no supermarket there). Separately we had considered overnighting at a nearby lake, Lake Nallan, and that is where we headed for the night.

There is a gravel road into the campground/picnic area. By taking the risk of driving over a stony road we were able to secure the best possible park up on the lake. Altogether, there were five vans staying there overnight and we were on the furtherest spot. The lake has birdlife, including a flock of swans in the distance. And, just to make sure we didn’t pine for trucks, we could see them passing on the far side of the lake.

After sunset we could see the Milky Way, despite all of the ambient light from Cue and the moon. The Evening Star(Venus) was reflected on the surface of the lake.

Our overnight was the coldest yet, with a light breeze helping to make it seem even colder. But, with the fresh clear air and sun to warm the van in the morning we found it invigorating.

Today we have driven about 80kms to Meekatharra, where we did some chores (dumping, shopping and filling up with fresh water) and Stephen went to the Tourist Info. Centre and Museum and art gallery. At the Visitor Centre he was recommended Peace Gorge as a good place to stay overnight. It is also recommended on Wikicamps. I thought we would drive another 100 kms or so to park for the night and had to readjust my thinking.

Peace Gorge has interesting rock formations and there are quite a few vans here, fairly well spaced out so we can have a bit of privacy. We took a walk on arrival to get a feel for the place.

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