To the North: the plumbers of Parrabadu have all pissed off to Perth

And won’t be back until Wednesday. Stephen therefore rang a plumber in Tom Price and we can see him Monday. When I took the cover off our water inlet it looks like any other plumbing device and shouldn’t present any problems for a plumber.

This morning we walked up a hill behind the caravan park and took in the views. It was worth the little bit of effort. We had a nice meal at the cafe last night, lasagne and salad followed by a kind of cheesecake slice, served with a glass of wine. We chatted with the camp hosts, who were on their day off, and learned a little bit about them.

Yesterday was so windy that we weren’t expecting the wind to drop entirely after sunset. It was a bit of an uncomfortable night, very humid with a little rain and no breeze. This morning on our walk it was cloudy, but we enjoyed it. We probably would have stayed there a couple of nights if we hadn’t basically run out of fresh food.

Today we’ve drive about 140 kms, first to Parrabadu for shopping and a rest, then to just outside Tom Price in a parking bay on the road to Karijini. It was an incredibly beautiful drive through the ranges. We’ve chosen our park up for tonight based on a level spot that is easy to get to, has a good Telstra signal, and has views of the ranges all around. There is still some cloud about, but the sun is out and it is really lovely here. Noisy with traffic, but lovely.

We have booked two nights at the Tom Price Caravan Park to use up the credit left over from my previous booking. We can decide each day if we want to go into the Karijini park, based on whether our water problem can be fixed easily and quickly. The plan is to head back out towards Nanutarra and then go to Exmouth, but we will decide on Tuesday, based on how my mother is tracking. At least we now feel we can get home fairly quickly if we need to.

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