Travels with the Winnie: Day 68

Stuck in Moree, for real this time

We were packing up this morning when I noticed some water on the floor beside the sink and stairs. At first I thought it came from drips from washing up, but as we investigated we realised that we had a problem with water coming from the piping under the sink. It was only happening when the water was switched on, either outside supply or the water pump. We emptied the cupboard, wiped up the water, and put the heater in front to dry things out. We thought we would need an RV repairer, but as we started phoning around we realised that what we really wanted was a plumber.

We went to one place and were sold a couple of bits to repair the connectors, and referred to the place Stephen had rung first, which was nearby. A plumber had come back to base, and probably wished he hadn’t. It took him about an hour to fix the problem after first working out what it was. He replaced the pipes going to the mixer tap. By then it was about 11.30 a.m. and we still had to get fuel and have our gas bottle filled. We were able to do both of those things and got a senior’s discount at Mitre 10 for the refill.

By then were were hungry, and there was a small diner nearby. The food was good and cheap, so we shared a steak sandwich and pecan slice. We then went and did some food shopping. At lunch we debated whether to head off or stay another night in Moree. With the shopping done we were ready to go, but feeling tired and it was nearly 3.00 p.m.

So, back to the showgrounds for another night. The repair cost $106, thank goodness not too much for all the fiddling the plumber had to do working in a confined space. If we had tried to book him we wouldn’t have been able to, but going on spec as we did he was a person who obviously finds it hard to say no. He said he is booked up for about eight months ahead.

We are feeling tired and have been resting this afternoon, sitting outside until it got cold, then making ourselves comfortable inside.

No photos were taken today, so the featured image is from yesterday, a lovely old building now a Harvey Norman Store.

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  1. All a bit sad. And so am I sitting alone in The Grovenor with a Hahns 3.5 No Geoff, no Susan and Stephen. Got car serviced. New battery. New air filter. New wiper blade. Always something. Perhaps it will need less servicing now it has a home under cover. Anyway stuck in town after RAC service so have parked at choir early and didn’t like the look of nearest pub. The Carlton.
    More details on Choir after tonight. Meanwhile I hope u travelled OK today. 😀

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