Double Break – Bunbury, Dardanup and Jayes Bridge

Wylup Rocky Point, Bunbury

After some time at the Wildlife Sanctury we headed for our park up at the main beach in Bunbury. The Wildlife Sanctury was a little depressing, with some animals on their own in spaces sometimes oo small for them, especially the very large dingo. We didn’t ask for information on why these animals needed to be in a sanctury and I guess if we had I would not necessarily still be feeling very sorry for the dingo.

We were hoping for a less noisy overnight at the Wyalup Rocky Point camping. There was less traffic noise, but more human noises. Plus, we had inadvertantly parked under a streetlight that shone into the back windows of the van where we sleep. Part of the reason for going there was because it was a bit closer to the art gallery for Stephen to walk to in the afternoon. But, as the Back Beach is fairly close it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

I connected with a couple of women who were also staying at the beach, which was very nice. As well, Wyalup Rocky Point is very good for evening photos as it has rocks and pools of water, with the waves crashing into and sometimes over the rocks. It is always lovely to wake up next to the ocean and I’m still glad that we stayed there, despite noise and too much light.

There was a caravan selling coffee in the morning, another bonus of our stay.

After leaving our camping spot we travelled a little way towards Perth to a service station which has a dump point. After fuelling up and buying bread we took the key to dump point. We didn’t like to fill up with water from the same tap and hoped that the promised drinking water at our next stop would materialise. And it did, though the tap wasn’t accessible to our van and we had to fill up containers and decant them into our tank, as well as filling up our drinking water containers. We also needed our plumbers key as the top of the tap was missing.

The place was Dardanup, on our way as far as the road goes, but also chosen because it offered free overnight camping at the town hall with access to flushing toilets. There are marked bays for three RVs next to the lawn and a sign saying that sprinklers could come on overnight. Although we parked away from the kerb we were still in range of sprinklers which seemed to work for about an hour. Obviously if you stay there you should really park further away!

This morning we walked around to the Bakery hoping to buy some of the lovely German style bread which has been available for many years. Sadly, the cafe has changed and now is more of a cafe/bakery with a few white loaves of bread and lots of cakes, pies, etc. It is very popular and is obviously more successful than previously, but disappointing for us. Later in the morning I wished we had bought one of the delicious looking iced doughnuts to save for morning tea, but at the time I felt too upset to cope with the change.

Dardanup – Stephen enjoying bird watching with new binoculars

Our journey today took us through the beautiful Ferguson Valley. We stopped at Gnomesville and walked along some of the paths marvelling at this silly, but endearing tourist attraction. The forest is lovely and the cool temperature added to the feeling of being in a special place.

We arrived at Boyup Brook (we are still on our way to Katanning by the way) at about lunchtime. Stephen looked up the local attractions and wanted to visit a bug exhibition. As there is an IGA in town we went there for some supplies, including bananas, which we ran out of a couple of days ago, then I rested whilst Stephen went across the road to the Visitor Centre.

We were heading to Kojonup for the night, but as it was later in the day Stephen found this campsite on his map, and Wikicamps said it was a good place to go. It was partly on the road to Kojonupk with about 5kms of gravel taking us near to the river. We haven’t explored it yet as it was time for afternoon tea when we arrived, plus I wanted to catch up with blogging.

Jayes Bridge Blackwood River Picnic and Camping area

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