Travelling Oz in our campervan: Karalee Rocks

We woke refreshed this morning and ready to tackle a bit longer drive, 360 kms to this camping spot. I chatted with a couple who had also stayed the night and had made the same choice as us, to leave the city Friday afternoon so that they could make a fresh start this morning without having to deal with traffic.

We don’t have much of a signal tonight, just enough to write this blog, but not enough for photos.

We stopped in Merredin for lunch. I had been to the IGA for salads and found some stuffed mushrooms that were irresistible. Heated up in our covered pan they made a delicious lunch with lettuce and tomato.

We had a couple of error messages on our hot water/heater system this morning and I thought we might have run out of gas. In cooking our lunch we used the very last of the tank, but fortunately were near a hardware store which did refills. we have two smallish tanks and always try to keep one filled in reserve.

A visit to a Puma to get fuel and we were on our way. it was about 3 kms off the highway on a corrugated gravel track to this camping spot, but it is well worth it. We are camped next to one of the historical railway dams that are dotted around and this site is run by the National Trust. There are camping spots with picnic tables, toilets that are locked, and a dump point that sometimes has water for rinsing, according to the comments on WikiCamps. Anyway, it’s a lovely setting.

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