Travelling Oz…Dimboola, Victoria

Now there’s an evocative name. My mother’s community put on the play years ago and Mum won the short straw of playing the bride and having to sing a solo. Geoff, her partner of 30 years or so had always refused to get involved in the social life of the community and she was sad that he wouldn’t come along to the play. So, we got together and turned up to support her. Four children, plus in-laws, made her feel very supported. We had a great time as the audience are part of the wedding party and we really enjoyed all of us being involved.

I don’t have any photos of this town yet as we arrived later in the day and just wanted to get to our campsite. However, the main street looks interesting and we will explore a bit tomorrow. Like Bordertown, our last stop in South Australia, it offers free camping on a grassy area on the edge of the town, within walking distance.

We saw a mobile quarantine unit on the road, but no other sign that we had passed from one state to another. The quarantine restrictions are one way, Victoria doesn’t care if you bring in fresh fruit and vegetables, but South Australia, like WA, does.

If the weather is good for the next couple of days we plan to explore the Grampions which are now close by, before heading towards the mountains of Victoria to see snow. We still have about 500 kms to go. After the Grampions we plan to go to Mt Beauty, which is in a valley overlooked by mountains.

We are both nervous about driving this van in the mountains, and one idea is to base ourselves at a caravan park and hire a car to go exploring around during the day.

We are enjoying travelling at a more leisured pace, but spending ages getting ready, shopping and looking around in Bordertown, and having stops along the way meant we arrived here late and a bit grumpy as we tried to get our van level, going backwards and forwards trying different spots before deciding on a position that is fairly level. Still, it didn’t take long to get the kettle going for a cup of tea, then all was well.