Travelling Oz…Halls Gap, The Grampians

We arrived just after 12.00 yesterday, but it took a while to settle into a camping spot and get the van sort of level. Although we did eventually choose a place we found overnight that we weren’t comfortable and we moved yet again this morning to another section of the park where we are not only mostly level, but near a camper’s kitchen and laundry.

Last night we explored around our neighbourhood and ended up buying a pizza for tea. There is a good general stall here, as well as other shops. The village is geared towards tourists and includes many cafes and eateries in a small area.

Today we went on a short walk, about 2.5 kms. There were many to choose from, but this was great because it was mostly on a level, following Stony Brook, which goes through the caravan park and town as well. We have had rain on and off since arriving here and were fortunate that it was mostly dry for our walk.

This afternoon I braved the rain to get some washing done and cook our tea in the camper’s kitchen. I used one of the many powerpoints in the kitchen to cook in our Instant Pot and it was enjoyable to have the space to cut vegetables and prepare the meal for cooking. The dryer took many $4.00 cycles to get the clothes dry, but I had to persist as we don’t have space inside the van for drying clothes.

In the end I put out our awning to provide some shelter for the sliding door. We would usually put the awning in at night in case there is a wind but the persistent rain means it would be hard to bring it in now, so fingers crossed we don’t have problems. The van is on enough of a slight slope for the rain to run off on one corner of the awning.

One of the rock formations on our walk this morning
This tree stump would make a good character in a cartoon
Three greys – not that Stephen is much like a kangaroo, of course
Stony Brook
interesting rocks on our walk
Stony Brook
Stephen always poses nicely for me when I ask.

Our views have so far been looking up at crags and mist from this valley. Stephen has been doing research (of course there is a Visitor’s Centre) on where we might go tomorrow to get some other views.

We are very comfortable in our van now that we have a heater. Often we can only use it for a short time as the small area heats up very quickly. We find that the 4.5 litre gas bottles only last about 10 days what with heating water and the space heating. We use battery power for some of the cooking, including making toast and boiling water for cups of tea which helps to make the gas last longer. We are still very dependent on fossil fuels, gas and diesel to keep the van’s systems running. With almost no solar power due to clouds and rain we are relying on the DC to DC charger when the engine is running to keep the batteries charged up.