Travelling Oz in our Campervan: Londonderry

Today was not destined to be a long travel day. We went for a walk on the rocks after breakfast, enjoying the cold air and faint droplets as though we were in a cloud. We had slept well again and felt quite energised.

Our plan to drive to Norseman was abandoned and we aimed for Coolgardie instead. It was lunchtime when we arrived, so cheese, toast and salad was appetising.

Then van chores. The dump point worked well, but the water tap a metre away was the push type and we couldn’t attach our hose. A couple of 10 litre water containers later the gauge said we were at 75%, and this is plenty for one overnight. Our plan is to go to Norseman for fuel, water and shopping tomorrow, but we may drive onwards and find some bush camping. There is a free camping area in Norseman, but it is in an enclosed area with designated bays, much like a caravan park. It will depend how we are feeling if that appeals.

We had a chat with Matt on the phone. Their internet is out at the moment and Matt doesn’t get a good phone signal at the house, so it was our only option. He was able to respond verbally and his support worker told us when he responded non verbally, as we couldn’t see.

This evening I made a lentil and vegetable soup in the Instant Pot (using battery power) and will cook some fish pieces as extra protein.

We are staying at a place called Londonderry, about 16 kms from Coolgardie on the Coolgardie/Esperance Road. Just red dirt and trees, but there are lots a places to choose from that are back from the highway. Last night we couldn’t hear traffic, but tonight it sounds close, even though we drove quite a way in from the road.

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  1. Have read all your posts. Hope you continue safely. It won’t let me ‘follow’ for doe reason but maybe you’ll get this. Who knows😻🤪

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